Healthy party food: rainbow fruit skewers


Colourful fruit skewers are really easy to make and look amazing! They are a great healthy party food option – they fit in because they look fun and appealing (more so than a fruit salad). They’re suitable for preparing ahead of time and they are pretty easy to transport if you are taking them to a party – I think they are great for bring-a-plate functions!

How to make fruit skewers

There’s not much to it – just prep a bunch of brightly coloured fruit and stick it on skewers. I think they are more interesting when you use a mix of different shapes and textures, so I like to cut the fruit up them up differently, with a mix of cubes, balls, semicircles, triangles, etc. As long as the pieces are thick enough to stay on the sticks, it’s all good. If you want to get really fancy, you could try using a cookie cutter to create different shapes. You can use just about any fruit, as long as it will behave itself on a skewer stick.

Fruit skewer ideas

It’s always good to use seasonal local fruit, but here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Red/pink: halved strawberries, whole raspberries, watermelon balls
  • Orange: triangle orange segments, rockmelon balls
  • Yellow: pineapple cubes, gold kiwifruit semicircles, banana circles
  • Green: kiwifruit semicircles, honeydew melon balls, whole green grapes
  • Purple/Blue: whole blueberries, whole purple grapes, whole blackberries
If you have any leftover pieces, you could pop them on toothpicks to serve with the kebabs.

They look great served on a platter, but if you really want to impress – try displaying them all on a cleaned out melon shell turned upside down!

What fruits do you think would be great on a skewer?
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